Sunday Stamping with Britt Scott

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Britt is wearing a "Follow Your Arrow" brass cuff by  me !

Britt is wearing a "Follow Your Arrow" brass cuff by me!

One of my favorite things to do is to host people. One of my other other favorite things to do is to drink coffee. Britt came over Sunday night and we got to coffee drinking. 

"When I think of you I think of those awesome rock ladies, like Pat Benatar," I say to Britt. "I'll take that," she replies. I get to jewelry making and these are some of our conversation highlights:

What is something you do to treat yourself?
When I like to splurge, I go to the salon to my hair done. My girl Averil Hull is back from NYC and over at JW Salon, so going over there is like a therapy session in itself. Either that or experimenting with hair color with my favorite kitchen beautician Hanna Adams.  Another treat would be upgrading to Jack Daniels. Haha, that really shows what kind of budget I live on, huh? Also, I love going to concerts. Got tickets to see Elle King in Charleston this spring with one of my best friends. Getting out of town and seeing live music is definitely a treat.

I believe in the power of self talk and that things we think and tell ourselves have power to change our life and our relationships. Do you have a mantra that helps keep you positive/motivated?
“Just be." Sometimes we try to be too much and push too hard and lose sight of the moment. I often find myself working too hard, singing too hard, planning ahead too much, etc.  So occasionally I need to remind myself to relax and just let things flow in order to relish in the present experience.

I made this "just be" brass charm and attached it to Britt's existing necklace-

Tell me about your perfect day‑
BS: Hmm, what's the weather?
Me: Nice out, sunny.
BS: Going to Tybee. That drive over the bridge is so freeing and peaceful. Oh! And jamming Lana Del Rey's "High by the Beach" with the windows down. Maybe getting a place to stay out there with friends and cooking, just hanging out and seeing where the day takes us. Perhaps bring some instruments and jam together and then at night bar hop and see some live music. Essentially JUST BE, but on island time. 
Me: What if it's raining?
BS: Stay in at home with friends, watching movies, cooking and drinking and hanging out‑essentially the same thing just inside, haha. There’s something about having free loosely planned days with your closest friends that end up being the best.

When you’re having a bad day, what is your go to mood boost song?
So far this year I’ve been listening to music to keep me pumped up and motivated to get things done, so I would have to say something like “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna, “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. or “Problem” by Natalia Kills. I’ve also been generally into The Pretty Reckless and Elle King as a pick-me-up.

What she's currently listening to - The Pretty Reckless, Elle King, Sia, Lera Lynn, Neko Case

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Here's the playlist I made for Britt: